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Where to find California legislative bills



According to, the San Francisco Public Library has bills from 1867 to the present.


The California State Library’s Witkin State Law Library has “selected California Assembly and Senate bills from 1867 and virtually all versions of the bills from 1876 to date”.


1903–1987 (Senate Bills)

1911–1988 (Assembly Bills)

The HathiTrust website has California Senate bills from 1903–1987 and Assembly Bills from 1911–1988 available online at:



The Alameda County Law Library has Assembly and Senate bills available on microfiche from 1963-2004 

California legislature : Assembly and Senate bills [microfiche]



Versions of bills from 1993-2016 are available online at 

California State Legislature



Versions of bills from 1999 to the present are available online at 

California Legislative Information Bill Search


For more information on California legislative history, see:


UC Hastings

California Legislative History Research Guide: Home


Witkin State Law Library 

California Law


Witkin State Law Library 

California Legislative History: Basic Online Research



California Legislative Publications 1850 – 2009


California State Assembly

Office of the Chief Clerk

Website has various legislative current and historical materials such as Statutes and Amendments to the Code from 1850-2008, various California State Assembly Journals, California State Assembly and Senate Final Histories, and Assembly Daily Files.


"Adapted from historic Tables of Laws Enacted, this interactive tool contains information regarding California statutes and their corresponding bill numbers dating back to 1865."