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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021     Views: 274

Where can I find pleading paper?

When communicating with the courts and others involved in a lawsuit or other legal proceedings, there are sometimes premade forms to use such as those created by the California Judicial Council on their court forms webpage. 

However, as the California Courts website writes, "Sometimes there will not be a Judicial Council form for what you need to do. In that case, you will need to draft or create your own legal document, in the right format and following the court's rules. The California Rules of Court, starting with rule 2.100, tell you what is required for any documents you file with the court.

You will have to start with "pleading paper." Click to download a template for pleading paperDOC file type icon which you can save to create your own pleadings. You can also ask your court's self-help centerfamily law facilitator or public law libraryExternal link icon for a sample or blank pleading paper."

The Alameda County Law Library has links to blank pleading paper, pleading paper with a caption for Alameda County, and other court forms and transactional forms at our Court Forms & Transactional Forms page.